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What the fuck is the universe trying to tell me? I’ve seen past loves with past friends and yet I’m here. Alone. No explanation as to why but the fact that I am inevitably an expendable lover. Someone to fill the gap between times that a woman truly falls in love with another man. I am just a disposable heart that longs for mutual appreciation and love, but in the end I am thrown aside like an empty bottle. I’ve been used up, emptied by the emotional addiction that is love, and as soon as I give every ounce of my heart my life goes awry. I need someone to recollect the pieces of my heart that have been spread amongst countless women and claim them for her own. Until then I remain lost.


Anonymous asked:

I am pro-wolf, but I also think that wolf populations need control. I think it's good, from time to time, and to some extent, under strict rules of course, to hunt wolves. Hunting should entirely exclude endangered subspecies of wolf, and exclude regions in which wolves are still in small populations. Hunting is good for wolves (don't get me wrong here), because wolf population can't be too high either, bc it causes conflicts & more hatred for wolves. I guess I will be hated now. Go on. Hate.


Why do you assume I will hate you for this?! Even if I did not agree with you, you must know that I am not the kind of person to hate or disrespect someone for their valid opinions.

As a matter of fact, I, along with most wolf biologists, agree with you on this issue – regulated controlling wolf numbers is sometimes needed. It is one of the most beneficial ways to help keep their own population, other populations, and the environment they live in safe and healthy, and is beneficial to the conservation of wolves as a whole. Here’s a link to a post made by one of my favourite bloggers who knows what they’re talking about regarding things like this with valid and proper scientific sources.

Proper sources on this subject:

(Typing this, I understand there are most likely people out there to who this is new, shocking, and possibly enraging information. A few years back, before I started studying wolves and biology, I felt the exact same way. Just like I do now, I loved wolves and wanted to protect them at all costs. I was convinced hunting them could in no way be beneficial for this species that is already often so endangered. When I started to seriously educate myself on wolves and this particular subject, surprisingly I found the opposite to be true. I want to ask you to be respectful for people’s opinions on this subject, but more importantly I want to ask you to go and read on why population control is sometimes needed for the sake of the survival of our beloved wolf. The sources listed above are easy accessible, no matter your level of knowledge on the subject.)

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